dragged and dropped

I have an exhibition opening Friday, October 3 here in Lubbock, TX. Here is part of the press release I sent out.

“Over the past several years, JoAnna Johnson has been photographing empty dresses in natural settings. She has made nearly 100 dresses all in the same style. In this body of work, dragged and dropped, JoAnna uses a single dress she made from a bold graphic black and white print. Within this pattern there is both chaos and order, which mirrored her feelings while JoAnna and her husband settled into their new home in Lubbock.  They moved to Lubbock two years ago and she has been using the process of photographing her dresses to explore her feelings about the move and help her to grieve for the loss of her home and friends in southern Illinois. This dress has traveled with her and been photographed from New York City (her favorite city) to Lubbock, TX (her new home).”

This is the first in a series of exhibitions of the dresses. The second will be at the Louise Hopkins Underwood Center for the Arts (LHUCA) in December and January and will feature the thirty black dresses and the thirty white dresses and it’s called, Living In Between. The third in the series is still in process. I’ve made 17 dresses in the same style out of old tablecloths only these dresses have full circle skirts. I have actually worked with models this time…little girls 6-12 years old. It’s been interesting to work with inhabited dresses instead of empty ones. More on this later.

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